February 27, 2022

/ What do the Standing columns mean?

Below are the Race Standings columns and what they mean


Pos – Position in race
Musher – musher’s name
Bib – starting race position
Checkpoint – latest checkpoint the checked into
InTime – time they checked into the checkpoint
In Dogs – number of dogs they checked in with
Out Time – time they checked out of the checkpoint
Out Dogs- number of dogs they checked out with
Rest In Chkpt – how long they stayed in the checkpoint
Time Enroute – time elapsed between checkpoint
Previous Checkpoint – last checkpoint
Previous Time Out – time they checked out
Previous Speed(mph) – speed into last checkpoint
Layover Completed 8hr – completed 8hr layover
Layover Completed 24hr – completed 24hr layover
Status – withdraw, scratch, active etc
Insights – historical race data

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