February 27, 2022

/ Live Race Start: How do I see it?

The race start will be streamed live on the Official Start of Iditarod March 8th at 2pm AST, with our live pre-race coverage beginning at 1:30pm AST. You will need to be an Insider and logged in to view the stream.

Our live broadcast will be available in 3 bandwidths, to accommodate a wide range of connection speeds and hi-def video. If the stream pauses and buffers (icon in the middle of the screen spins) you may not have a fast enough connection to the Internet to view the live stream.

We will post a rebroadcast of the video that should be easier for Insiders to view with slower Internet connections.

Insider subscribers must be logged in and have the latest version of Flash installed (check here) to view the stream. Please note that this year the Official Start will be available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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