February 17, 2022

/ How do I upgrade my Insider Subscription?


  1. Login using your username and password. (if you forgot your password, click here to reset your it)
  2. Click here to view all Insider Subscriptions. Teachers and Schools click here.
  3. Read the details and click the [Subscribe] button for the subscription you would like to buy. You’ll then be taken to the product information page
  4. Select 1 year or auto renew as an option.
  5. Click the [Subscribe Now] button.
  6. You’ll be taken to the Cart page
  7. Click the [Proceed to Checkout] button and you’ll be taken to the Checkout page
  8. Enter your billing details and credit card and click the [Checkout Now] button
  9. An Order Confirmation page will be displayed with the order details. You will also receive an email confirmation
  10. Enjoy your new Insider subscription features

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